Swiss Croon


b. 1986, HK.

We are a group of good people with good ideas. We nurture food brands so they can express themselves honestly and connect deeply with your customers.

How We Work

Every artifact we create is process driven by extensive research. It provides us with a laser focused approach to achieving your business goals. We dig deep to formulate strong strategic solutions for the foundation of our creative development. Swiss Croon can provide professional consumer research to accompany any initiative.


1. Define & Align

This is where we get to know you and determine your goals, needs and expectations.


2. Discover

We thoroughly investigate your brand, it’s competition and the market’s landscape.


3. Strategy 

Driven by our research, we formulate a plan of action for developing and implementing creative.


4. Creative

Our strategy drives creative development decisions so each creative solution has meaning and purpose.


5. Production

Approved conceptual creative is then placed into production.


Alexander & Hornung
Electric HotBags
Check Corporation
Ford UAW
Dental Works
Market Elite
Lear Corporation

Areas Of Expertise

Brand Consultation
Brand Development
Marketing Strategy
Communication Design
Multi-Media Production